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  • Candles

    Blu Eterna


    Eternal Blue! Waves crack in the rocks of the island!

    Magic! A cool breeze pops up on your face!

    The scent of the sea sprinkled with its salty is what make you dream!

  • Candles

    Eternal Aria


    Jane with her white-haired horse galloping

    towards the forest!

    It is the time when the trees are loaded with a lot of white flowers!

    The aroma of orange that diffuses everywhere

    every time she passes sparks her smell!


  • Candles



    Desert! Everywhere immense sand! The afflicted

    form of the man lying 

    on the camel testifies to his anxiety and trying

    to find a place more accessible to human nature.

    Suddenly he sees the palm trees, sees the lake, sees the hammock,

    sees the ethereal shadows! The aroma of patchouli and sandalwood

    strengthens his will!

    He is proceeding but sees nothing! An illusion!

    All that was left to him was the aroma of patchouli and sandalwood,

    that is, the will. . .


  • Candles

    Romantic Vanilla


    Rose with her airy white dress goes down the wide stairs

    of the mansion and  in the big hall  John is waiting for her.

    The orchestra plays their favorite piece. Both swirl

    while the many candles in the room flood the atmosphere

    with the aroma of chocolate ,

    sugar and vanilla !!


  • Candles

    Urban Warrior


    The lonely man with the biker jacket the headband

    and the big motorbike drive cross the dark streets of the city!

    His dynamic presence is magnifying the looks!

    The night is flooded with the aromas of thyme, fig, and vanilla

    that relieve the senses.